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We offer a variety of services and the main ones are…


Mis sold investment

We help clients who were subject to mis sold investment advice.

Mis sold sipp

We assist clients who were subject to mis sold sipp advice.

Claim solicitors

We are claim solicitors who specialize in claim related cases.

Negligence duty of care

We cover negligence duty of care related cases.

Negligence claim

We help individuals who want to guidance and advice on negligence claim related matters.

Professional negligence

We provide advice on how to deal with professional negligence.

Mis sold life insurance

We help individuals who are victims of mis sold life insurance.

Ombudsman lawyer

We are specialist ombudsman lawyers who can assist you with your ombudsman related matters.

Investor compensation

We can assist you with any investor compensation aspects.

Pension mis selling

We help clients who were victims of pension mis selling.

Interest only mortgage mis selling

We help clients who were victims of interest only mortgage mis selling.

Insurance ombudsman complaints

We specialize in insurance ombudsman complaints.

FOS complaints

We help clients who have FOS complaints.

Commissioner of oaths

We can assist anyone with commissioner of oaths related matters.

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