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Our friendly team of solicitors are based in the beautiful Putney, South West London vicinity. We also offer our services in areas around Putney like Wimbledon, Balham, Wandsworth, Richmond, Fulham, Earsfield and Hammersmith.

We have solid experience in a wide variety of legal matters and we are confident that we would be able to assist you with your legal needs.

Solicitors Putney is dedicated to help consumers who have been given negligent advice from their financial advisor, broker, banker or accountants.

The advice a consumer might be unhappy with could include investment advice, personal pension advice, company pension advice, tax mitigation schemes, unregulated collective investment schemes, mortgage advice or being recommended the wrong insurance product.

If you have been effected by any of these issues or any other legal issue, please contact one of our friendly solicitors for an initial discussion to see how they can assist you.

We can also put you in touch with a solicitor for any other legal needs you may have including certifying documents and oaths, conveyancing, wills and probate, divorce and ancillary relief, debt collection, dispute resolution, bringing or defending court claims and advice on contracts.

We are dedicated to offer effective legal services. We are professionals and we specialize in our subject matter. Our clients are not numbers. They are valued and we take a personalised approach when dealing with their legal matters.

We want to become THE go to solicitor firm in Putney and surrounding areas. In order to do that we understand that a exceptional client experience is key to long term success. We know and understand that if you are happy with our services that you will refer us to your friends, colleagues and family.

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That’s why our legal approach have a personal touch. We get to know you. We LISTEN to you before we speak. We want to KNOW and UNDERSTAND your legal needs.

Only thereafter do we offer expert legal advise and support that will help you in your need.

We are also very competitive when it comes to our fee structure.

Legal companies that have huge teams of solicitors that work for them have huge overheads that need to be covered. The only way they can cover these overheads is by charging exorbitant fees.

A big mistake many people make is to equate size with legal outcome. If you’re dealing with a huge legal company who charge you double than their local peers then surely you have a better chance at winning in court right? Wrong!

There are some brilliant solicitors, like those represented through solicitors Putney, who choose not to become huge firms as they don’t want the headache of too many staff and other unnecessary costs.

However, they are experts at what they do and in many cases can offer the same or even better legal assistance than huge legal firms.

So don’t fall in the trap of judging legal outcome on the price you pay. The reason why smaller firms can charge less is because their overheads are less. It’s that simple. They are still excellent in what they do.

How to choose a solicitor?

It’s worth noting how to choose the right solicitor for you. People and their circumstances are different and therefore the qualifying criteria for choosing the right solicitor will differ from person to person.

However, the following general points can and should be followed when you are about to choose the individual or firm who is going to take care of your legal matters.

1. Size does not matter:

We already touched on this earlier but size should not be your predominant factor for choosing a solicitor. As stated, there can be many reasons why a firm chooses to stay small.

That does not mean that they can’t provide you with top notch legal services. What is important is whether the solicitor has experience in the area that you need legal representation.

If they have experience and in depth knowledge on the relevant subject matter then that solicitor should tick one of your boxes.

2. Watch out for solicitor sales pitches:

Without new customers most businesses would fail. It’s the same in the legal world. All legal practices need new clients to pay the bills. Competition in the legal space is also very competitive.

In this context you would get solicitors making unreasonable promises in order to win new business. For instance, if a solicitor did not listen carefully to your unique issue and guarantees that you will win then be careful. He or she sounds desperate.

Also, if the solicitor tells you that they can solve your problem in record time without knowing and understanding your circumstances then be careful. It sounds like you may be dealing with a sales person and not a legal professional.

A true legal professional will take the time to understand what your needs are and will give objective and reasonable time lines without making unreasonable promises.

3. What’s their communication like?

Many solicitors are really bad with their client communication. This can be extremely frustrating for you when your lawyer communicates badly, or even worse, not at all.

When looking for a lawyer, this issue needs to be addressed up front. Ask him or her how often you can expect communication on the progress of your legal matter.

Your lawyer should also confirm which mediums he or she is going to use to communicate with you. Per telephone, email, post? Clarify this beforehand.

The solicitor should also agree as to what the repercussions would be if he or she does not comply with what was agreed beforehand.

Do not take this point lightly. It will save you lots of unnecessary frustration.

4. Where is the solicitor located?

This point can go both ways. Some people prefer to speak to a solicitor in person before agreeing to do any business.

You would find that people from Generation X and older usually prefer face to face conversations in order to build the trust factor. If that is important to you then obviously you will need to look for a solicitor that is near you. This will allow you to see the solicitor in a face to face meeting.

However, the Xennials, Millenials and Generation Y are not so fussed about a face to face meeting. A Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatapp Video or any other video communication option is usually more than enough to work with a solicitor.

The solicitors Putney model allows for this as well. We can see local clients face to face but we can also ‘meet’ with clients online to determine their needs.

Through internet the world has truly become our oyster and we embrace these cahnges as well.

5. Online reviews:

As mentioned in the previous point, the internet has truly revolutionized business, including legal practices. These days it’s so easy to determine how good a company is by looking at their online reviews.

Now, online reviews can be manipulated and you do get nasty competitors who would hire people to go write bad reviews of their competition. But in general, online reviews can be used as a guide.

We would recommend to look at how the company responds to especially bad reviews. If they did get a bad review on let’s say Google, did the company respond to that online? That shows that the company cares about their reputation.

If they have taken the time to respond you will also easily see if the negative review was legitimate or a competitor attack.

Remember, if the company takes the time to manage their online reputation, there’s a good chance that they will deal with your case in a professional way.

6. Referrals:

Lastly, referrals goes a long way. We are way more likely to trust a solicitor from a friend or family member than anything else.

This however is not an excuse not to do your own homework. Just because the solicitor worked out for your family member or friend, it does not mean you will have the same experience.

Interview the solicitor. See if he listens to your story. See if you feel comfortable with his or her professional conduct. Follow your gut.

If you are uneasy, remember, there are thousands of solicitors to choose from. Find one that shows you the professionalism you deserve.

Solicitors Putney are dedicated legal professionals who are eager and ready to service your legal needs.

Give us a call today to discuss your legal needs.

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Our experience, professional conduct and obsessiveness with client service sets us apart from our competitors. You have to ‘experience’ us in order to understand how good we really are.


We’re locally based in Putney, South West London but have international clients. Regardless of your location, we can help.


We believe in strong partnerships. Our clients are not just a number. We see them as our partners who we will serve for the rest of our lives.


We are specialists in our legal niche markets. We have lots of experience with a lot of knowledge on various legal matters. Call us.


It would be our privilege to show you how we can help you. We know what we are doing and we are totally transparent and honest in our approach. Give us a call today so we can determine what the best course of action will be for you.

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